Since its foundation in 1995, Reward Group has been adhering to the enterprise mission of “making a contribution to motherland by developing industry”, and has already developed into a large diversified enterprise group integrating industries of daily chemicals, food, and tourism real estate. Guided by the internationalization of resources, technologies, markets and talents, Reward Group actively promotes the development strategies of “Great globalized daily chemicals” and “Great globalized foods” by means of “industry + capital” and “expansion + M&A”, and goes out while bringing in. Starting from the basic source, Reward Group has systematically constructed the overall industry chain integrating raw materials, R&D, production and sales, further expanded the overall layout of the international plates of the three major industries while promoting a series of brands of all the industries under Reward nationwide , built global value chain and spread Chinese symbols to the world. Based on industry, Reward Group sets real economy as the core of enterprise development, and actively practices the "One Belt One Road" strategy. Since 2013, Reward Group has invested on the daily chemical and food industries in the US and Europe according to the requirement of supply-side structural reform requirements and under the guidance of sustainable development of industrial ecology, uses the high-quality international resources and technology to make up for the shortcomings of similar domestic product, and organically integrates the advantages of resource, technology, scientific research home and abroad to construct the globalized national daily chemical industry. At the same time, Reward Group will bring in the high-end wheat flour from the main high-quality grain producing areas in Europe to China, trying its best to promote the grain and food safety from French farms to Chinese tables, and builds the eco-industrial chain of food. At present, Reward Group has built a leading international production and R & D base for daily chemicals in the United States, acquired 8 large farms with permanent ownership title in France, cooperated with France's largest agricultural association, and established the whole food industry chain covering agricultural cooperation, flour processing, terminal sales, and a nationally high-end bakery chain. Meanwhile, the Group has been steadily advancing its acquisitions of Romanian farm, French daily chemical enterprise, and daily chemical raw material base (palm garden) in Southeast Asia, established sales networks for daily chemical products and agricultural food all over the world, so as to realize the new international investment model with inward flow of globally high-quality resources and outward flow of product market. Reward Group has always been repaying society with a pure heart, by not only proactively taking part in various charities, but also closely combining industry development with promoting local economic construction and maintaining national grain safety, which fully embodies the social responsibility of an enterprise with “making a contribution to the motherland by developing industries” as its mission.

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