Beijing branch of China Development Bank signed cooperation agreement with Reward Group

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On July 18, 2018, CDB Beijing Branch and Reward Group signed a cooperation agreement on development finance support for poverty alleviation between the East and the West. The two sides will establish a new type of strategic partnership between the industrial group and the financial group in all aspects of deep collaboration, and cooperate in the fields of ecological agriculture, industrial poverty alleviation, green energy and modern agricultural construction.

Reward Group is a large-scale diversified industrial group integrating daily chemical, food and tourism real estate. Among them, Suvow Dairy of the Reward Group originated from the cause of poverty alleviation. In 2000, by responding to the call of the “Guangcai Program” of the Central United Front Work Department, Reward Group began the construction of the Hulunbeier dairy industry chain.

CDB Beijing Branch provided strong support for the Reward Group's industrial poverty alleviation campaign. In 2004, it broke the restriction of enterprise ownership for the first time, and issued the first policy loan for the private enterprise Reward Group, and added loans in 2006 to Support its construction of the dairy industry chain, which has laid a good foundation for the development of Hulunbeier dairy industry chain.

As the first private enterprise supported by CDB Beijing Branch, Reward Group launched the “Tens of thousands of Dairy Cows Breeding Improvement Plan” in Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia. The introduction of 10,000 Holstein cows from New Zealand and Australia has laid the foundation for the development of Suvow Dairy, which has driven the local economic development and the prosperity of farmers and herdsmen. Today, Suvow Dairy has become a whole industry chain milk powder enterprise covering forage and fodder, dairy farming, milk powder processing and terminal sales. The products cover all ages from infants to middle and old age and have become an important domestic supplier of raw milk powder.

Suvow Dairy, which originated from the cause of poverty alleviation, has always adhered to developing industry to serve the country and reward the society. In 2017, Sovow Dairy has joined the “National Milk Poverty Alleviation Project” to provide quality infant milk powder in 500 counties across the country to achieve accurate poverty alleviation.

The signing of the agreement indicates that CDB Beijing Branch and Reward Group will further strengthen close cooperation, integrate resource advantages to form synergy, jointly promote the poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West, and achieve greater results, and lay a solid battle for precise poverty alleviation.

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