New fashion style: Le Chatelard 1802

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From Mar 15th to 19th, 2018, No.1 cosmetics fair for global brands--Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna was unveiled in Italy, Le Chatelard 1802, a subsidiary of Reward Group, continued to bring about extraordinary charm in the fair.

Le Chatemard 1802 showed up in the fair with full line of products , more than one thousand including soap, essential oil,etc. With its fashionable French style, long history and rich Provence scent, the company immediately won intense attention from dealers and admiration from counterparts. With remarkable popularity, dealers in the fair came for consultation and discussion were in endless stream.

Based on international platform of Reward Group, Le Chatelard 1802 continued to accelerate its globalization pace, this long-history brand was witnessing a rebirth, and exerted endless vitality and brought about exceptional shines with its new fashion style.

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