Reward Homecare Chemicals Sales Summary in March and April Sales Promotion Conference Held in Beijing

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From April 3rd to April 4th, 2018, Reward Homecare Chemicals' March sales summary and April sales promotion conference were held in Beijing YaJi Mountain Forest Hotel.

Mr. Guo Jian, Director and Vice President of Reward Group; Director of Reward Group, Secretary of Homecare Chemicals,Zhao Jianli; LvYan, Director of Reward Group, Secretary of party committee, Person in charge of relevant departments of homecare chemical industry and regional managers participated in the meeting.

Sales work in the first quarter was summarized in the meeting and the marketing promotion plan for the next stage was formulated. At the same time, regarding the "Reward new retail model", an in-depth analysis was conducted for the marketing strategies of using Big Data to integrate online and offline resources, such as "Reward Wings" and "Reward Green Living Pavilion". "Reward new retail model" as an innovative marketing initiative encouraged participants, and strengthened the determination to strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in salesof sales staff based on the Reward Group platform.

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