The "Reward people around me" speech contest came to a successful conclusion

Release Time:2018-12-22 | Read:1322次

On December 22, 2018, the final of the Reward Group's "Reward People around me" speech contest was held at the Reward Building.

After the preliminary contest, 11 candidates from the functional departments and various industries of the Reward Group told the moving stories of the Reward people. The vivid images of the "Reward people" were displayed in the form of language, PPT and music. The spirit of Reward people’s dedication, love, self-confidence and sacrifice was shown in front of the audiences with full of warm applause, heart-felt smile and touching moments.

Reward Group Chairman Hu Keqin, Director Mo Xinxue, Director and Party Secretary Lv Yan, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Feng Yuqin presented award certificates and prizes to the winners.

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